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Board of Directors

Lifelong Learning Council of Red Deer is an educational granting council that is dedicated to bringing adult learning programs to the City of Red Deer. Our board promotes supporting equitable, inclusive literacy and lifelong learning opportunities.
The Association advocates for the lifelong learning needs of adults by supporting barrier-free, flexible, and affordable learning opportunities in the Red Deer community.
LLCRD engages the community as champions of lifelong learning and supports the community to understand and meet the learning needs of all through collaboration, community conversations, and providing financial resources and support for taking innovative action.
A community where everyone can access lifelong learning.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the Lifelong Learning Council of Red Deer. A board member holds a position of trust and accountability, represents the membership and thereby the community, and is responsible for the governance of the organization.
Requirements of the position
  • To have an interest in and commitment to,  lifelong learning/continuing adult education;
  • To commit to the Mission, Vision,  Objectives,  and  the  work of the Council;
  • To commit to 4 board meetings a year;
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting in September;
  • To keep informed of the Council’s activities;
  • To follow conflict of interest  guidelines and information management policies;
  • To participate on committees and take leadership roles.
  • Govern the organization according to the by-laws, terms of reference, policies, and procedures approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Review/approve policy and procedure recommendations from board committees and staff.
  • Develop priorities and goals based on community needs and funding requirements.
  • Be accountable to funders in meeting contractual obligations.
  • Approve LLCRD’s annual budget.
  • Work with staff in a respectful, positive, and supportive manner.
  • Act as an LLCRD ambassador in the community.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process and review.
  • Maintain positive relations and regular contact with members and the community.
  • Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Past-Chair,  Treasurer, and Secretary) have additional duties related to their position on the Board.
  • Act as the decision-making body for the Council.
Terms of Office
Directors are elected by the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting for a two-year term and can serve up to a maximum of two consecutive terms.
Board Orientation
Board orientation will be conducted for new directors shortly after they are elected. This orientation will provide an overview of the organization’s history, and capacity within the community. New directors will be provided with a Board binder that will include LLCRD’s By-laws, policies, and procedures.
If you are interested in joining our board, please submit a completed application and Board skills matrix. 


Board of Directors
Chad Knudson - Chair
Dr. Tolu Taiwo- Secretary
Halima Ali- Director
Erin Wilmer- Director
Chelsey Clancy- Director
Kalcy Dube- Director
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